Keep focus on the ‘Edge’ through the edge of the year

The market for data center technology continued on a Cloud-induced upheaval in 2013, making it necessary for solutions providers and partners to adjust focus to meet the needs of a rapidly changing market. The overriding change is the continued shift by many enterprises toward Cloud-based solutions, which tends to lessen the demand from enterprises for servers and associated data center physical infrastructure (DCPI).

There is a silver lining to this Cloud-driven change: the need by enterprises to protect the “edge” of the Cloud with solutions such as racks, routers, power protection, and other equipment for network closets. Now as we come to a close to 2013, it makes sense for partners to continue their focus on meeting this opportunity.

For one thing, Cloud-based upheaval isn’t about the end when we reach the edge of 2013. Second, Schneider Electric continues to offer its partners a chance to earn up 12 percent in upfront discounts through the Small IT Solutions Program, which aligns perfectly with end-user needs for protecting Cloud access.

Under this program, registered partners can access a Small Solutions Design tool which is accessible after logging onto your secure partner page. The tool can be used to design solutions such as racks, uninterruptible power supply, power distribution units, or a NetBotz appliance for security and environmental monitoring, which can be an important component for “edge” environments where an IT administrator may no longer be on site. Configurations built with the Small IT design tool can qualify for up to a 12 percent discount. Just log into your partner page to find out more about the tool and how to participate.

To learn more about how Cloud-driven change is influencing this need for network closets, “server room in a box” solutions, and other solutions that work to protect the edge of the Cloud, check out the recent Webcast from The Channel Company and APC titled “Grand Theft Data Center: How the Cloud is Stealing Business.” A link the archived Webcast can be found here.

Above all, don’t let Cloud-driven change erode your success. This shift carries with it some new opportunities—with advantages that you can tap into now via mechanisms like the Small IT Solutions Design program, and a comprehensive range of APC products to protect the edge of the Cloud.

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