By Driving Configuration, “Small IT” Design Tool Drives Revenue

The massive data centers run by tech and cloud companies get most of the media attention these days, but when it comes to the information technology (IT) infrastructure needs of small businesses and many other organizations, what really counts is the effectiveness of small IT spaces.

Now partners have a new Web-based design tool that lets them easily configure solutions for these smaller “edge” environments such as network closets, server rooms, or even IT asset deployment in non-IT dedicated spaces. These edge environments are vital to the IT functioning of many small businesses, professional offices, and branch offices.

The “Small IT Solution Designer” tool—explained further in this video—has been integrated with the Design Portal for resellers. It is available exclusively for design portal certified partners.

The tool benefits partners in two key ways, as Jason Covitz, Schneider Electric’s director of marketing strategy, Home and Business networks, said in the video. First, because of its ability to configure entire solutions, it drives higher revenue solutions. Second, use of the tool better leverages managed services, thus helping drive better cash flow.

The tool uses a visual, drag-and-drop user interface, and is driven by product validation rules to ensure configurations are accurate. Not only does the tool cover APC by Schneider Electric’s rack portfolio as well as all APC rack mountable options including single-phase UPS, it also includes a library for thousands of third-party devices, thereby supporting complete solution designs.

Solution designs can be saved, recalled, edited, and duplicated. The tool also can output graphical print outs and bills of material to help support the quote-to- order lifecycle.

You can learn more about the tool here. For further knowledge on the needs in small IT spaces, check out White Paper 174, “Practical Options for Deploying IT Equipment in Small Server Rooms and Branch Offices.”

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