Hyperconverged Reference Architectures + Micro DC Xpress = Big Partner Benefits

Reference architectures have long proven to be valuable to IT groups by saving time in rolling out hardware and software combinations to address business goals, but they’re proving to be a particularly popular way for companies to implement converged and hyperconverged infrastructure.

Converged and hyperconverged infrastructure vendors have reference architectures that include not only servers, storage and networking components but also appropriate rack, UPS, power distribution and management software required to make for a true plug and play solution.

To ensure they work as promised in the data center, however, the vendors in question need to implement the reference architecture correctly. One way to be sure they do so is to ensure the configuration has been certified by the provider from whom you procure it, meaning the system components have been evaluated and meet required specifications and standards. In some instances, converged infrastructure vendors also offer a validation process for third party component providers, to prove various device can successfully connect and function together as intended.

APC by Schneider Electric, for example, has been working to deliver validated, certified solutions of its Micro Data Center (DC) Xpress enclosures with vendors of hyperconverged infrastructure, including HPE SimpliVityNutanix, Scale, Lenovo, IBM and NetApp. Micro DC Xpress racks come pre-configured with the exact mix of integrated uninterruptible power (UPS), power distribution, software (including DCIM), and environmental monitoring that your customer’s solution requires. The idea behind combining them with support for various vendors’ converged infrastructure reference architectures is to deliver complete, purpose-built, validated data center solutions that we co-brand and market together with the IT equipment makers.

The benefit of such solutions for partners is that they come with APC equipment pre-installed, and you know it’s already been tested to work with the rest of the hyperconverged infrastructure. That mitigates much of the risk involved with any IT deployment, since you know all the components are pre-tested to work as advertised.

Converged and hyperconverged infrastructure also present a great opportunity to talk with customers about how to address their IT requirements as they deal with business growth. Along with Micro DC Xpress, they present a sound option for edge computing requirements, a topic we covered in this previous post. The solutions deliver the kind of agility and economics that public cloud services promise, but with the security and control inherent in premises-based solutions.

For partners, the solutions also offer opportunity even long after they’re delivered because they come with software that offers remote management. That puts partners in position to offer ongoing monitoring and management services for customers.

Partners can also use our online configurator tool to customize a Micro DC Xpress solution to the client’s liking, which helps make the ordering process simple and fast (as explained in this previous post).

Put it all together – Micro DC Xpress, converged and hyperconverged infrastructure, and our configurator tool – and you have a solution that delivers faster sales cycles, rapid deployment, security, and flexibility, all while reducing your risk.

We are already working with all the market leading hyperconverged infrastructure vendors but we’re certainly open to others. If you see an emerging player whose solution you’d like to see integrated with Micro DC Xpress, just let us know and we’ll be sure to look into it.

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