5 most popular questions about selecting a single phase UPS

SmartUPS_SMCPartners call into APC by Schneider Electric with a wide variety of questions. We’re aware that they sell several different brands and types of products, so they might not always know all the details about ours. Below is a list of answers to the 5 most common questions partners ask about selecting a single phase UPS.

1.  How do I find the replacement battery or replacement model for a UPS?

Partners usually know the process of looking up replacement batteries on the APC website. However, finding a replacement model or comparable unit can be trickier. The majority of the time partners will call in looking for a replacement battery or unit because it is discontinued and no longer appears on our website.Barcode However, we have access to view and determine the appropriate battery or UPS replacement.  We just have to know the model number, also referred to as the “SKU.”  This number can typically only be found on the back or bottom of the unit on a white sticker with barcodes on it.

2.  What is a comparable APC UPS to a third party UPS system?

Often partners will have requests from their customers to find comparable units to third party brands. Typically, the partner will only have the model number, with little information on the UPS itself. To find a similar APC unit, the technical specifications need to be uncovered and matched to one of our products.

3.  How can I size a UPS to back up a specific server?

Sizing for APC products is a reoccurring question partners need help with. The customer may give them information about the server they currently possess, and need to find a compatible UPS. Once the total load, plug types, site voltage and other preferences are determined, a UPS can be selected.  Often times you can find the server information needed by using our “by device” setting on our UPS selector tool.

4.  Which UPS systems can be used for different types of applications?

Each family of products will work best with a particular application. As a general rule, Back-UPS and Back-UPS Pro models are to be used for computer and peripheral applications. Smart-UPS and Smart-UPS On-Line are for small to medium servers applications, point of sale, routers, switches, hubs and other network devices. Symmetra models are for medium to large server room and data center settings where scalability and redundancy is preferred. We also offer three phase UPS models for critical applications.  Beyond these general rules, we also have a UPS selector tool to help you choose which UPS is best for a particular environment.

5. How do I find compatible UPS accessories?

Depending on the UPS, numerous different accessories are available. For instance, network management cards may be compatible with certain units and not with others. Depending on the unit, different services can also be beneficial. These include extended warranties, installation and startup services, preventative maintenance and others. Compatibility can usually be determined by looking under the user manual, options list, or using the Service Selector tool.




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