A Ready Solution for Edge and IoT Data Centers: The Award-winning Micro DC Xpress

When APC by Schneider Electric came out with the Micro Data Center (DC) Xpress back in May, we were confident the new integrated rack plug and play solution would help systems integrators, resellers and others deploy traditional, converged and hyperconverged IT infrastructure solutions for their customers far more quickly than ever before. Now we’ve received validation with Micro DC Xpress named winner of the 2017 Data Centre Solutions (DCS) Product of the Year in the Cabinets and Racks category.

This is particularly gratifying because the DCS Awards are not some “pay-to-play” deal. There’s no fee to enter and the finalists are selected by editorial staff of DCS magazines and web sites in Europe and the UK. Then it’s up to DCS readers – the folks who actually use the solutions – to vote for the winners.

The point of the awards is to recognize products that “demonstrate tangible benefits either in terms of cost savings or efficiency gains for the end user concerned.” It’s fair to say Micro DC Xpress delivers on both the cost and efficiency fronts.

The solutions help customers deliver traditional, converged and hyperconverged IT infrastructure to data centers far more quickly than in the past. They are ideal for edge and Internet of Things (IoT) applications where deployment speed, reliability, and security are all crucial.

With Micro DC Xpress, APC by Schneider Electric partners can order racks pre-configured with the exact mix of integrated uninterruptible power (UPS), power distribution, software (including DCIM), and environmental monitoring that their customer’s solution requires. Our forthcoming 23U model will also offer a cooling component.

What’s more, Micro DC Xpress ships in our Shock Packaging, enabling integrators to add IT gear and safely ship a finished unit to their customers. As detailed in this previous post, the packaging is certified to ship with Cisco UCS installed in our NetShelter SX.

The solutions come in a variety of standardized formats for popular converged and hyperconverged architectures, including HPE, Nutanix and Cisco UCS. Available in 24U, 42U and other customizable configurations, the racks are all pre-tested and pre-configured at the factory. Partners simply drop in the IT gear and can be assured it will all work as expected.

Even better, it takes only 2 to 3 weeks from the order to delivered, down from 4 to 6 weeks if you have to configure it yourself. Besides saving a lot of time, partners and customers also love that the Micro DC Xpress saves them from having to deal with all the packaging that normally comes with getting components delivered individually. Likewise, you don’t have to worry about making space to house all the boxes and assemble components; it’s all done for you.

In short, Micro DC Xpress enables traditional, converged and hyperconverged compute resources to be delivered fast, cost-effective with the highest degree of reliability, thanks to both the pre-validation and pre-certification. They are manageable out of the gate, with integrated DCIM software and the racks are physically secure, preventing unauthorized access.

We think Micro DC Xpress will be a great help to partners looking to address edge computing and IoT infrastructure needs for their customers. It’s gratifying to know that DCS editors and readers agree. By all means, feel free to reference the award as you talk to customers about Micro DC Xpress.

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