Edge IT Program Offers Partners Big Discounts on Converged IT, Edge Computing and Edge Network Infrastructure Solutions

Last month APC by Schneider Electric launched a new discount program that provides what are really unprecedented opportunities for partners in an area that’s showing great promise with customers: Edge IT.

By Edge IT, we mean essentially three key areas: converged IT, edge computing and edge networking. Each of these areas is growing in leaps and bounds, and each requires specific infrastructure to support it. And that very infrastructure, along with its complementary services, is what APC by Schneider Electric is offering at a discount to its partners. Specifically:

  • Network UPS (Single phase Smart-UPS and Symmetra UPS)
  • Racks and enclosures
  • Concurrent services (3 year extended warranties and advantage plans)
  • Rack-mount PDUs
  • DCIM software
  • Security and environmental monitoring

This program is unprecedented in a couple of ways. First, it applies to deals of any size, with no revenue minimum. This allows partners to capture discounts for projects that previously may not have qualified for deal registration.

Second, the discount grows along with the number of product categories the deal includes. For example, a deal that includes three product categories gets a 7% discount while one with five categories gets 12%.


The program also applies to a number of Schneider Electric Reference Architecture products, namely the FlexPod Express, VSPEX and Micro Data Center solutions such as SmartBunker. Include any of them and you’ll get a 15% discount.

All of these Reference Architecture solutions make perfect sense for edge IT applications. FlexPod Express, for example, is a self-contained chassis that combines APC by Schneider Electric UPS, PDU and management tools with Cisco switches and networking components and a NetApp storage appliance. It all comes in a chassis that’s suitable for an office environment – perfect for edge computing and edge networking applications.

Similarly, SmartBunkers are self-contained, single-chassis systems that support Micro Data Center solutions. They include pre-assembled data center infrastructure including a UPS, batteries, power distribution, security, the Struxureware Expert DCIM solution and options for active cooling, fire protection, and fire suppression. And VSPEX is a scalable reference architecture from EMC that combines storage, computing and networking for larger data center environments.

Partners are free to do whatever they like with the discounts they receive. Pass all or some of it on to the customer, or just increase their margins – whatever works best for each deal.

What’s more, the program is available to all partners, at any level of our Channel Partner Program. And there’s currently no end date for the program; we expect to be offering it for a good, long while. Here’s hoping we’ll be giving you a big discount soon.

Click here to learn more about the Edge IT program or call our Preferred Partner Support Line at 1-800-771-1APC. Not a partner yet? Click here to learn about the program and how to join.

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