New and Improved Partner Profitability Opportunities Reviewed in August CHANNEL CHATS

Our successful Thursday at 2pm live CHANNEL CHATS program continues to roll along. In August, we concentrated on one of our fundamental pillars of partnership: PROFITABILITY focused on driving partner business. If you missed any of our August events, don’t worry! We’ve recapped what you need to know with these three key takeaways.

Key Takeaways from the August Profitability CHANNEL CHATS:

  1. Opportunity Registration Program & Attach Incentive Program: APC incentivizes partners at the Select level and above with registration-based price protection discounts.   The Opportunity Registration Program (ORP) grants partners varying levels of discounts based on program level and project type. Opportunities are registered through your APC Personal Page. The Attach Incentive Program (AIP) rewards partners who attach APC UPS to existing registration through Cisco, HP, EMC, NetApp, or Dell with a 5% discount. Opportunities which meet ORP requirements may stack a 5% AIP discount with their applicable ORP discount.
  2. NEW Edge IT Program: The Edge IT Program allows simplified infrastructure deployments which do not meet traditional ORP revenue requirements to be granted registration-based discounts from 7%-15%. Partners may design their own single phase deployment in the Small IT Solution Designer or utilize one of our pre-approved, pre-configured, and pre-tested reference architectures. This is a fantastic program for partners who want to sell integrated solutions into a Converged IT, Edge Networking, or Edge Compute application.
  3. iRewards Program Enhancements: The ever-popular APC iRewards Program is now better than ever! Now, as partners advance in our program (from Registered to Select, or Select to Premier), their point values awarded in the iRewards program increase! We’ve also launched a satellite program for Premier partners who attain a Specialization: The iRewards Growth Incentive Program for Specialized Premier partners provides iRewards Program users with quarterly bonus point payouts based on overall company revenue growth with APC.

What’s on the schedule for September?
September will focus on our key partnership pillar of Partner Specific SUPPORT. There is no chat on Thursday, September 3 but we will have one each week in September after that. Click here for the September schedule. Join our CHANNEL CHATS in September in the SUPPORT booth in APC’s Evolved Partnership Portal.

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