Data Centers

Next Generation Data: Building a Mega Data Centre

Next Generation Data has created one of the world’s largest data centres by relying on Schneider Electric for its total electrical distribution needs.

White Paper 52: Four Steps to Determine When a Standby Generator is Needed for Small Data Centers

Small data centers and network rooms vary dramatically in regard to the amount of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) runtime commonly deployed. This paper describes a rational framework for establishing backup time requirements. Tradeoffs between supplemental UPS batteries and standby generators are discussed, including a total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis to help identify which solution makes the most economic sense. The analysis illustrates that the runtime at which generators become more cost effective than batteries varies dramatically with kW and ranges from approximately 20 minutes to over 10 hours.

Installing IT equipment into tight spaces.

> Remotely manageable power outlets
> Simple, cost effective racks
> Monitoring and camera options to give you eyes in the room

Managed Services

Electric views the data
center’s critical
infrastructure as a single
system and our Managed
Services offer allows
customers to increase
uptime and operational
efficiency by providing
single point management and coordination of all
services throughout the data center lifecycle.

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